How To Find A Home Care Live-In Aide

Posted on: 13 July 2021

You may feel like your loved one needs someone to stay with them. However, there are 24 hour live-in home care aides who can provide this service, but you might not even know how to get started hiring someone from this service. Fortunately, there are several routes you can take.

Hiring a Live-In Home Care Aide Yourself

You can always hire a care aide as an employee. If this is the case, you will be responsible for handling their taxes and other responsibilities as an employer. If you do not want to find a home care aide on your own, one option is to hire an introductory agency. Then, you will be able to find a pre-screened care aide and will then manage them as an employer.

Working With an Agency

By working with an agency, the aide will be an employee of said agency and the service will be managed for you. The care will be allocated on your behalf. However, you will still want to take a proactive role in making sure that the live-in home care aid is prepared to take care of your loved one. You will want to inform them about your family member's likes and dislikes, such as what your loved one prefers to eat.

In many cases, you will need to hire two or three live-in care aides who will work in shifts. However, hiring multiple aides is harder than simply working with an agency that will supply these aides for you. With more than one aide, your loved one will receive the care they need and you will not have to worry about scheduling meals at a time that is not as convenient for your loved one.

The Benefits of Live-In Care

Regardless of where you find a care aide, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone is available for your loved one 24 hours a day. Even if you don't hire an aide full-time, you may be able to fill in the gap yourself. However, by having the caregiver role be fully fulfilled by a professional, you will be able to focus on spending quality time with your loved one and will not be focused on taking care of them.

By having an aide, your loved one will have someone they are familiar with taking care of them at all times. This will allow your loved one to avoid isolation and loneliness. To learn more, contact a company that offers live-in care assistance.