Why You Should Hire An Alzheimer's Care Person To Help Your Loved One

Posted on: 13 May 2021

Having a parent or grandparent become diagnosed with Alzheimer's is quite life-changing. Not only can their personality start to change, but they may forget to do fundamental things like taking care of themselves. If your parent or grandparent is living with you, but you aren't able to constantly take care of their every need, then you may want to hire an Alzheimer's care professional. These types of professionals will help you and your parent with a variety of things. 

Grooming and Bathing

If your loved one's Alzheimer's has really peaked, then they may have a hard time doing things like grooming and bathing themselves. For instance, they may go days or even weeks without showering, washing their hair, brushing their teeth, or even changing into fresh clothes. When you hire an Alzheimer's care professional, they will come to your house and help your family member with these basic things so that you can ensure that your parent is clean and being taken care of. 

Alzheimer's Games and Activities

One of the things that set an Alzheimer's care professional apart from just a regular home health aide is the fact that they have training in Alzheimer's activities and games to help them. When an Alzheimer's patient participates in cognitive games and activities, it helps to stimulate certain portions of the brain. This can help decrease some of their memory loss. An Alzheimer's care professional will work with your parent on simple things like playing memory games and matching games to help stimulate their mind and functionality. 

Medication Administration

One of the scariest things that people run into with a loved one that has Alzheimer's is that they forget to take medication or they take too much medication. Because medication can play a really large and important part of Alzheimer's management, it's important that your parent stays on top of certain types of medications if they want to get the best results. An Alzheimer's care professional will give your parent medication at the same time every day to ensure that they aren't forgetting any or accidentally take too much. 

There are many benefits of having an Alzheimer's care professional come to your house to help you and your loved one out. To learn a little bit more, reach out to a company near you that specializes in them. An Alzheimer's care service can provide additional information. This may be what your family member needs.