When Is It Time For An In-Home Caregiver?

Posted on: 26 February 2021

Spending days caring for a parent or another relative, you might be starting to think you need help. However, you might be torn about whether you need someone to step in for a few hours a week or whether to make a bigger commitment to in-home care for your relative. How do you make the decision that in-home care is best for both you and the relative you're caring for?

Physical Needs Are Harder to Provide

Your relative's changing physical needs can make caring for them harder on you. For example, if your relative has gained weight over the past year, it's going to be more of a challenge to move, lift and maneuver them into the positions necessary for bathing and toileting. If you're unable to move them effectively, that could cause them to fall or become injured. This could, of course, lead to more health issues. Because you might need help to move them at any time of the day, having an in-home nurse or aide present to assist you in coping with changing physical needs can be not only easier for you but safer for your relative.

Care Is More Complicated Than In the Past

As your relative's age rises and other things happen in their lives, caring for them could be more challenging than you first anticipated. You might have been fine giving them their insulin shots each day, for example, but if their blood glucose levels are less reliable, you might be worried about how to control their diabetes by yourself. Having an in-home aide or resident nurse nearby can ease your mind that changing medical needs are going to be taken care of. If you find that you're forgetting medications or having a difficult time juggling the medications your relative receives, having a pro in the home to handle that could also be positive.

Safety Is Becoming An Issue

For those who care for relatives with Alzheimer's or dementia, safety can be a real issue on a permanent basis inside and outside of the house. Your relative might leave the house when you step away for a phone call or even leave the house in the dead of night. Having in-home assistance can ensure that your relative is always looked after and unsafe possibilities are minimized.

If you're noticing any of these situations in your home as you provide care for a relative, think about some in-home nursing care. As a result, everyone in your family can have a safer, healthier life going forward.