3 Things At-Home Hospice Services Can Do For You

Posted on: 3 December 2020

While most people think of hospice as a place where people go in their last days to receive care, that's not all hospice is. In fact, you can arrange to get hospice services at home. You can also arrange to get hospice services well before the final days or weeks of someone's life. Hospice services can help in a variety of situations, even if the end isn't imminent. So, what are some of the services you can get if hospice does come to your house to help you and your family members during a difficult time?

Household Tasks

One thing that hospice home services can provide is help with household tasks. That can include things like helping to clean the house, make meals both to eat immediately and to have for later, and provide some respite care for the primary caregiver. Respite care will allow the caregiver to have some time to recharge and catch their breath, which can help them be a better caregiver in the long run. Having help with all those household tasks that have to be done regularly will also give everyone more time to spend together, to go to work, and to do all the things that have to be done. 

Daily Living Skills

Another thing that hospice can help with is activities like showering, getting dressed, and taking medication, and other daily living skills. A home health care worker who works will hospice will have training in how to safely help someone take a shower when they are unsteady on their feet or have difficulties due to age or injury. If it isn't something that you have training in or experience with, it can be very difficult for you to do safely.

Getting Medical Supplies

If your loved one has decided that they are going to spend their final days at home, they are going to need to have medical equipment and supplies in order to make those days and weeks easier and more comfortable. That can include providing hospital beds, IV stands, and other medical supplies there so that every agreed-upon treatment can be given to your loved one. Hospice workers can help you get those supplies to your house and help set them up correctly. 

The end of life can be a very difficult time for everyone. Having hospice services come into your home can make it easier for everyone. Alternatively, hospice workers can help as well if a loved one has been severely injured and is having difficulties with activities of daily living. 

For more information about in-home hospice care, contact a local provider.