Three Ways That Communication Is Improved With A Home Health Aide

Posted on: 8 June 2017

When you have an elderly family member who requires medical care, there are often a number of options to consider. While many people make plans for their loved one to relocate to a care facility such as a nursing home, others plan to have their parent live with them and arrange help from a home care agency. Both approaches have their own advantages, but you may find that the latter gets the edge in your mind because of how it affects communication for the better. Here are three ways that communication is improved with a home health aide.

Easier For Your Parent To Communicate With The Aide

In a care facility, your parent may receive care from several health professionals in any given day. This scenario can make communication a challenge. For example, each time a new person speaks to your parent and asks how he or she is feeling, your parent has to relay this information. Over time, the repetition can be draining, and your parent may simply stop sharing valuable health-related details with his or her caregivers. This problem won't be a concern with home care. For the most part, a single aide will care for your parent, allowing for clear one-on-one communication.

Easier For You To Get The Full Picture

When you visit your parent in a care facility, you'll often want to find a caregiver to ask how your parent is doing. In some cases, it can be difficult to get someone to share this information with you. The caregivers in such facilities are often busy, and a conversation can quickly get interrupted because of another patient's needs. You don't need to worry about such communication challenges with in-home care. When you arrive home after work, you can sit quietly for a few minutes with the home aide and find out exactly how the day has been for your parent.

Easier Communication With Other Health Professionals

Unless you have experience in the healthcare industry, it may be a challenge to decipher exactly what some health professionals are telling you about your parent's health. If you struggle in this manner, you may wish to have the home health aide, such as from Supportive Personal Care Services, LLC, accompany your parent to various appointments, whether it's a visit with a physical therapist, an audiologist, or a physician. The home health aide will have a clear understanding of what is being discussed, which he or she can then relay to you in easy-to-understand terms.